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        Craig Garber sells cool guitar & music t-shirts and related merchandise. 

        Now as far as "How did we get started...?" here's how it all began...

        One day, back in the Spring of 2017... I was sitting at my desk, holding my white Jeff Beck Fender Stratocaster in my hands... and I heard a voice tell me, “You need to start interviewing guitar players.”

        I don’t know if it was out loud or in my head, but that voice was as real as the sunrise is. And although hearing that voice was a little weird (I’m from the Bronx - we only hear voices when we’ve had too much to drink!)... oddly enough, the idea of interviewing guitar players, didn’t feel weird at all.

        In fact, for some reason, I felt deep-down in my core, that I needed to listen to this sort of “command.” That “everything would work out,” if I followed this path.

        Plus, I’ve always been passionate about learning the life stories of individuals and what makes them tick... I LOVE music... and playing guitar makes me feel free.

        So with zero contacts in the music business or industry... and an old USB mic I had laying around in my closet, the journey started. And I guess the rest, is sort of history. Here we are, you and I talking... and Everyone Loves Guitar is the largest long-form interview show (shows run 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours) with close to 900 interviews in the books, over 4 years later.

        My passion for creativity and interest in e-commerce then led me to opening up this store.

        1. CUSTOMERS:

        If there are items you'd like us to carry... or if you have suggestions for specific t-shirts or products you'd like to see, of if you have any questions,  email us at or head over to our Contact page.

        Please include your name, e-mail, phone number and a detailed message

        2. If you are interested in Everyone Loves Guitar Podcast:

        Here are some links if you want to check out the show:

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        If you are interested in learning how to get your songs licensed and into television, movies and streaming video programming:

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