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        All our shirts are Premium Quality Lightweight shirts. I love wearing t-shirts myself and I made a decision early on to spend a little more on our shirts, to provide you with the same quality I want to have when I buy cool shirts.

        What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell it means you're getting a better product, one that's MUCH more comfortable, cut better (not like a potato sack), and will last longer. It also means you might find our prices to be a tad bit higher - and that's why.

        The truth is, it's impossible to provide both quality and low cost. You can typically provide one though, and we've chosen to go with quality. And it's been my experience that people only mind spending a little more, in the absence of value. And by providing Premium Quality shirts, we've got you covered when it comes to value.

        Other tid-bits you might be interested in:

        All garments sold are printed & shipped by USA employees in Detroit, Michigan.

        All items are either embroidered or undergo what's called a "direct to garment" printing process. This process involves a pre-treatment application to the fabric before the logo is applied (except on the color white - no clue why). This guarantees your logo or decal won't wash out quickly, and prints nice and smooth - so it's an important step.